GIC 2022


GIC 2022 is here! The Italian concrete trade fair is back and will take place from April 28th to April 30th in Piacenza, Italy.

ACRP will be presenting on the morning of April 29th from 10:30 to 12:00 at a special workshop titled “ACRP International Workshop: how to maintain the built infrastructures?“.



  • Jose Blanco | General Secretary of the European Association of Construction Repair, reinforcement and ProtectionACRP


  • Paul Stavem | President of the Norwegian Association for Concrete Repair NFB

“Protection of Concrete Structures – is it possible to learn from the history of Norwegian offshore structures?”

“Migrating corrosion inhibitors. Strategies, solutions and experiences with examples in protection and repair of concrete structures.”

  • Christian Tridon | President of the French association for Structures Repair and Rehabilitation, STRRES

“The degradation model for reinforced concrete.”



Admission is free and you can register through the following

We’ll see you there!