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European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and protection, ACRP, is an open association that aims at the collaboration of all entities related to the activities of repair, reinforcement and protection of constructions (any type, from building to civil works).


Further, the ACRP has amongst others the following objectives:

  • To look after, promote and protect the maintenance of the constructions and its applications in Europe.
  • To set and to promote European standards on repair, reinforcement and protection techniques.
  • To promote maintenance knowledge, its training and expertise in understanding how to inspect, project and execute the maintenance of structures and buildings.
  • To exchange information on techniques, working methods and training.


  • National Associations or Federations from European countries directly linked to the construction repair, reinforcement and protection
  • Contractors
  • Engineering
  • Suppliers
  • Other companies involved in these specialized activities


  • Associations related to the construction repair, reinforcement and protection industry
  • Specialized press
  • Universities and educational centers