The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection is founded in 2020. The construction industry is, in general, very well organized with National Association, Federations or confederations.

Despite the good organization of the construction sector, it has several subsectors, which tend to grow and be more recognized if they are well organized. Consequently, the framework includes entities with different profiles and objectives.

In this context, some of the national associations related with repair and reinforcement in Europe started to talk among themselves, to see what each other was doing and how to cooperate.

The initial meetings that started what today is ACRP were between the French Association of Companies specialized in Structural Repair and Reinforcement, STRRES, and the Spanish Association for Concrete Repair, Reinforcement and Protection, ARPHO.

These meetings between STRRES and ARPHO generated a spark of common interest. Another meeting between both parties was held, in this case in Italy, at a specialized trade fair called GIC (Italian Concrete Days), just a couple of months after the collapse of the Morandi bridge.

As result of that encounter, held in November 2018 in Piacenza, it was agreed to call for a formal meeting of all the National Associations interested or willing to be involved in the project to create a European network.

In March 2019, representatives from 6 European countries met in Paris to share experiences and shape the initiative of a new European association. The countries involved were Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and France. This last one hosted the meeting.