The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and protection, ACRP, is a European non-profit association, founded in 2020.

The mission of ACRP, is to promote the maintenance of the constructions and its applications in Europe, towards the highest standards of safety professional integrity and quality of service.

To achieve this mission, ACRP works to create and uphold an European network of professionals and information, including national associations, companies (contractors, manufacturers and engineers), asset owners, public administrations, … all of them working together to develop and share best practices, regulations and training.


Further, the ACRP has amongst others the following objectives:

  • To look after, promote and protect the interest of the industry in Europe.
  • To set and to promote European standards on repair, reinforcement and protection techniques and promote the maintenance of structures and buildings.
  • To promote maintenance of the constructions’ knowledge, its training and expertise in understanding how to inspect, project and execute the maintenance of structures and buildings.
  • To be involved in and have an impact on health and safety legislation.
  • To be involved in improving the legislation concerning the industry and to develop other aspects such as regular inspections, qualifications for projects, quality control of the systems installed for repair and reinforcement, etc.
  • To exchange information on techniques, working methods and training.
  • To maintain contacts with similar organization in other parts of the world.