ACRP organises a meeting at ECCREDI


ACRP, The European Association for Construction Repair, is organising a meeting by 14 February 2024 to be hosted by ECRCREDI, The European Council for Construction Research, and will bring together  members of our association, important institutions and important companies in the sector such as DG Mobility and Transport, SINTEF, FIEC, EBC and EFCA.

At the above meeting our focus lies in addressing the critical challenges associated with the preservation and restoration of vital infrastructures. Acknowledging your distinguished expertise in this sphere, we are eager to engage with your esteemed representatives to glean technical insights and recommendations that will enrich the development of our endeavor.

This meeting is designed to facilitate a comprehensive exchange of technical viewpoints and innovative strategies vital to advancing our shared goals. Your invaluable perspectives will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory and efficacy of our initiative.

The European federations participating in ECCREDI represent the principal interests within construction: contractors, engineering, consultants, architects and designers, product and material producers, building control organisations and research bodies covering buildings, infrastructure and geotechnics.

The aim of ECCREDI is to contribute to the competitiveness, quality, safety and environmental performance of the construction sector and to the overall sustainability of the built environment – all urban and transport infrastructures – by advocating for effective construction research, technological and process development and innovation.