AQUAJET SYSTEMS joins ACRP as a new member


  • The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection, ACRP, welcomes its new member: AQUAJET SYSTEMS.

Since their establishment, in 1988, AQUAJET SYSTEMS have been committed to one single cause: to manufacture the best hydrodemolition equipment on the market.

The two tools they use to achieve this goal are, as they themselves point out, their dedication to in-house design and their continuous development. “These factors make our products and solutions more efficient, productive, robust and environmentally friendly. We are proud of what we do, from the very first sketch of new a feature or product to managing the delivery chain and the after sales market”.

Their motto is, in his own words: “to maintain our design and manufacturing capabilities in every way we can. We will sustain and expand geographically, improve the technology while providing premium quality to all our customers”.