ARPHO celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of its first yearbook


This 2020, the Association of Repair, Reinforcement and Protection of Concrete from Spain (Asociación de Reparación, Refuerzo y Protección del Hormigón, ARPHO) wants to thank all the companies and entities that have been part of its history along these ten years, through the elaboration of the first yearbook of the association.

A publication that will include the main milestones of the association, as well as technical and informative articles and information about the entity.

This document aims to promote the recognition and self-regulation of concrete-related business activities. In addition, the contents of the yearbook have an informative character, but without making an excessive emphasis on the technical regulations and their corresponding legal references.

The 2020 ARPHO Yearbook will include the main news about the association, as well as the events it organizes and has participated in, its educational projects, publications and audiovisual material, and additional information about its members, collaborators and related entities.

10 years of ARPHO history

In 2010, several companies from many parts of Spain aspired to form a group that would encourage professionalism in the concrete industry and promote the work done.

This proposal materialized with the constitution of the Association of Repair, Reinforcement and Protection of Concrete (ARPHO).

Throughout its history, the association has developed a powerful network of contacts that facilitates the business opportunities of its member companies, promoting contact with potential customers and providing visibility to them.

In March 2020 ARPHO held its regional meeting in the city of Valencia, while its annual event, the ARPHO Forum, was held in November 2019 in Madrid.