ACRP Webinar: New developments in European regulations on concrete structures


On Wednesday 1st June at 15:00 (Brussels time) ACRP will be holding a new webinar on “New developments in European regulations of concrete structures”, which will be carried out by Mr. Jesus Rodriguez, chairman of Spanish Mirror Group Eurocode 2

The new version of Eurocode 2 Concrete structures will include relevant changes with regard to the previous one that was approved in 2004 in most of the chapters and it will cover the evaluation and strengthening of existing structures, the fibre reinforced concrete structures and the use of stainless steel and FRP reinforcement.

There is a need to anticipate these changes for the sake of knowledge of the civil engineers and architects who are interested in concrete structures and this webinar will summarize some of the most relevant changes in Eurocode 2.



  • Part 1: Presentation 
    • What is ACRP?
    • What is the Spanish Mirror Group Eurocode 2? 
    • Why do we do this webinar?
  • Part 2: Eurocode 2 Concrete structures 
    • What is Eurocode 2?
    • What relevant changes will the new version of Eurocode 2 include on some items such as durability, shear, punching, anchorage length, etc.
    • What relevant changes will the new version of Eurocode 2 include related to topics not included in the present version EN 1992-1-1 (2004)
      • The evaluation and strengthening of existing structures
      • The use of stainless steel and FRP reinforcement
      • The fibre reinforced concrete structures
    • What will these changes mean for the future?
  • Part 3: Round table



Mr. Jesus Rodriguez
Spanish Mirror Group Eurocode 2

Ms. Eva Oller
CEN TC250/SC2/TG101

Mr. Jose María Arrieta
Spanish Mirror Group Eurocode 2


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