Technologies of the industry working group – G4

The working group “Technology” deals with securing and protection of the common interests of ACRP members in the field of concrete structure repairs and reinforcement technology (especially in the field of technical information, development plans creation, coordination in the field of standardization, coordination in the field of the technical development, coordination of consulting services, etc.)

It is called G4 and it is coordinated by:

Mr. Ales Jakubik



The aim of the “Technology” group is to collect, prepare and share information on a set of techniques for each of 4 phases (inspection, project, execution of the work, monitoring) for the repairs, reinforcement and protection of concrete structures.

Being a part of this group also means the promotion of discussion and collective work about basic guidelines related to the standardization and recommendations for the further development of these activities.


How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in this working group or any other follow this link.

Please note that specific rules apply to each working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or the annual work plan.

The dates for the meetings and documentation of this working group are published in the meeting section.