ACRP Yearbook 2023



Following the success of the previous ACRP Special Publications, the association is preparing the Yearbook 2023, in which it will continue to publicize its initiatives and those of its members and review the industry at the European level.

This publication, prepared by the ACRP Secretariat, will be launched at the end of 2023.


The ACRP Yearbook 2023 will feature member national associations’ views on the state of the industry and its trends. It will also include articles of interest to industry professionals and a new format: dialogues.

There will also be a space for projects and initiatives carried out by ACRP.


Practical information

ISBN: 978-84-10015-15-9
Date: February 2024
Pages: 68 (A4)
Type: Yearbook
Format: On-line: this publication is available free of charge at the bottom of this page for consultation and download.

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