ACRP Special Publication 2021



ACRP Special Publication 2021 is a kick-off for the association, which has just been officially established.

The main objectives of this publication are to start up an association that has just been officially constituted, to give prominence to associations, public administrations and working groups, thus creating the need to be part of this association, especially for companies in the sector and enhancing the value of the association itself.

It will be produced by the European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection, with the contributions and collaboration of different entities, members (national associations)…


  • Editorial
  • Becoming a trade
  • Sponsors
  • Founding members – National Associations
  • Working groups
  • Publications
  • Guest Associations
  • Special Contents
  • Press
  • Company news
  • The Association


  • Format: A4
  • Number of pages: 72 approx
    • Date of publication: November 2021
  • Price:
    • On-line: Free for direct ACRP members.
    • Printed: To be determined.


ACRP offers you the opportunity to give visibility to your brand through this special publication, of great interest and reach.

As a sponsor, you can choose from the different marketing opportunities that the association has designed.

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All sponsorship packages include:

Advertising space inside the publication (size depending on the package contracted) and equivalent editorial content.


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