Chairperson and reporting

The ACRP working groups are meant to be composed by volunteer professionals from the industry and the leadership of one chairsperson.

Even though the working groups/subgroups are open to the participation of anyone interested, they should have the leadership of specialists on the field.



Also, for practical reasons, each working group/subgroup should have a chairperson. This role can be shared between two people if needed.

The chairperson will be asked to report to the ACRP Board of Directors when needed.

In most cases, the ACRP working groups will be chaired by ACRP members.

Generally, the chairperson will be invited to the ACRP Board meetings, to report and share any comments/needs the group/subgroup might have.



The ACRP Secretariat serves as assistance to organize the meetings, follow-up of tasks and support in the preparation of deliverables.