Compliance and transparency


Since ACRP is a trade organization, the rules and regulations of the European Union and its Members States related to antitrust and competition apply to all the meetings and activities of the association.

ACRP has general guidelines for compliance, which are included with the agenda of every meeting.

Feel free to contact the ACRP Secretariat to request the ACRP compliance guidelines.

These guidelines should be reminded to the members and participants in meetings of the association, whenever convenient.



All the meetings and proceedings of the working groups will generally follow a defined process, with clear and transparent communication to all the members, within the budget of the organization itself and standardized documentation handling,

ACRP also has a transparency policy, which enables any member or delegate of any partner organization, to have access to its meetings and documentation.

All the reference documentation of groups and subgroups will be posted at the ACRP website, within the private contents sections (Intranet).

This means that the person requesting access will be able to participate in any of the working groups or review the related documentation, even if it is not a regular participant.

For practical reasons, this opportunity to participate is limited by the organizational limitations which may apply. For instance, limit on the number of people in a specific meeting room, limited access to proprietary documents prepared by third parties, …