Format and lifetime

Depending on their lifecycle, the working groups can be permanent or temporary.

Some of the working groups are active and meet regularly, while some others are created for a specific purpose/project and remain silent once completed.


Internal, external or mixed

The working groups can internal (only for ACRP members), external (organized by a third party, with the participation of ACRP delegates), or a mix of both types (organized by ACRP and open to other participants, such as related stakeholders, partner organizations,…).


Groups and subgroups

ACRP works with a sctruture of groups and subgroups.

Whenever needed, a working group can also have subgroups.

The reason to have this structure (group/subgroup) is to facilitate the organization of the information or to enhance participation.

These subgroups can also be permanent or temporary.


Permanent working groups or subgroups

For recurring topics and general themes, ACRP has permanent working groups (G) and subgroups (SG).

These groups are meant to stay in the organization, even if they are not active at a certain time (either after they finish a deliverable or while waiting to start work).


Temporary working groups or subgroups

In some cases, there might be some groups or subgroups created to deal with a specific problem or to produce a specific deliverable.

When the work towards that specific goal is achieved, the working group or subgroup will stop its activity, keeping record of all the meetings and tasks.