Work plan and calendar

For practical reasons, each ACRP working group/subgroup should always have a detailed agenda for every meeting or a project description for every deliverable, as well as a summary of the meetings and a report of the results related with any deliverable pursued by the organization.

The working groups will generally only meet in person occasionally, with most of the meetings held by video conference.

Each working group will be asked to present a list of topics or deliverables, and keep it updated with any ideas/comments that may come.

From that list, the chairperson of the working group, together with all the professionals involved, will choose a topic or a set of topics, and will define deliverables with clear dates, scope and support needed.



To facilitate participation and simplify the impact on the calendar of the volunteers, each ACRP working group will have a work plan with the dates for the main meetings and webinars.

This work plan is included in the summary information of each working group or subgroup, and will also be posted in the ACRP calendar.

If needed the working groups/subgroups can have more internal meetings or exchange work among the members with e-mails or any other way of communication.


Meetings and webinars

The meetings will be done with an on-line platform provided by the ACRP Secretariat, which enables the participation with webcam of all participants and to share the screen for whatever purpose needed.

The webinars are more a presentation style session, with up to 3 speakers, sharing slides/videos/images with the participants.

The presentations for the webinars need to be handed out before the day of the session, and the speakers will need to do a complete test of their presentation before it goes live. This test has two purposes: give the speakers the opportunity to become familiar with the webinar platform and verify that the presentation does not include commercial contents.

All the webinars will be recorded, and their presentations will be transformed into an e-publication.

For practical reasons and to avoid misunderstandings, the meetings of the ACRP working groups will be always on Tuesday morning (from 9 to 10:30, Brussels time, Central European Time), and the webinars will be always on Wednesday afternoon (from 15 to 16, Brussels time, Central European Time).