European Council reaches an agreement about the European response to the pandemic


The Members of the European Council reached an agreement about the European response to the pandemic and welcomed the Joint European Roadmap toward lifting of Covid-19 containment measures.

The second part of this agreement is the Joint Roadmap for Recovery: a document that reflects the need for a comprehensive recovery plan and unprecedented investment that will help us relaunch and transform the economies.

This plan defines four key areas for action: a fully functioning Single Market, an unprecedented investment effort, acting globally, and a functioning system of governance.

Following the meeting of the Eurogroup on 9 April 2020, the agreement was endorsed on three important safety nets for workers, businesses and sovereigns, amounting to a package worth 540 billion euros. They called for the package to be operational by 1 June 2020.

They also agreed to work towards establishing a recovery fund. Leaders tasked the Commission to analyse the exact needs and to urgently come up with a proposal.

They also agreed to work towards establishing a recovery fund that shall be of a sufficient magnitude, targeted towards the sectors and geographical parts of Europe most affected.