First steps for the European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection



The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection, ACRP, is a European non-profit association focused in the activities of repair, reinforcement and protection of all kind of structures and buildings made of different materials (concrete, steel, …).

It currently has the participation of several national associations from different countries: France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and Spain.

The origin of this association was born as a result of the celebration of several meetings of national associations specialized in this matter.

One of these professional meetings took place in November 2018 in Piacenza (Italy), within the framework of the GIC fair. It was agreed to convene an official meeting of all national associations interested or willing to participate in the project of creating a European network.

The association seeks to address a number of issues found in the sector, such as the lack of interest in the maintenance of the structure, the building or the materials observed in the behaviour of the owners of the assets.

There is a lack of inspection, resources or budget allocated to maintenance, making maintenance only relevant when damage occurs. There is also a lack of general knowledge about how to inspect, design and perform maintenance on structures.

In addition, the different techniques and applications in repair, reinforcement and protection require initial preparation in order to work together. As in the inspection, project, product and execution process, all the agents involved have to work hand in hand. Finally, the partnership demands the need for more rules and regulations for specialized companies in Europe.

In order to launch several actions to develop these common objectives, ACRP is preparing the 1st European Conference for Construction Repair, Reinforcement and Protection.

An event organized by the entity that will be held within the framework of the GIC fair in Piacenza (Italy) from 28th to 29th October 2020.

In this event, ACRP intends to bring together professionals dedicated to repair, reinforcement and protection, and companies offering related services. Specifically, it is aimed at contractors and suppliers, and national associations.

During the conference, different activities will take place to promote professional relationships, exchange experiences and, disseminate knowledge and good practices.

A meeting point for professionals in the sector that aims to be the launching pad for the European association, to promote awareness of repair and protection construction, and to seek a link between national associations at European level.