Get involved in the ACRP Special Publication 2021


  • The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and protection, ACRP, is in the process of drafting its special publication 2021.

This publication is a kick-off for the association, which has just been officially established and brings together professionals from different European countries, such as Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands.

The main objectives of this publication are to introduce ACRP to specialised companies and entities, to give prominence to national associations and ACRP activities (webinars, working group), thus creating the need to be part of this association, especially for companies in the sector and enhancing the value of the association itself.

It also offers the possibility to actively participate through content that will appear in the publication, as well as sponsoring it.

Advertising spaces are now available to promote and achieve greater visibility for the company in a publication aimed at the sector. Spaces are limited, so if you are interested you can book yours now.