Get to know the ACRP WGs


  • One of the main initiatives being carried out by ACRP is the creation of working groups.

One of ACRP’s main objectives is to share knowledge and experience among its members. For this reason, one of the first initiatives that we have developed from the association is the creation of working groups focused on specific topics.

Although, in principle, the meetings of these working groups can be held in a face-to-face format, for the time being they are all taking place by videoconference, due to the health situation.

Currently, these are the active working groups in ACRP:

  • Technical Committee – G1: its role is to handle any technical matter which is not included in any of the existing working groups.
  • Bridges working group – G2: this working group is meant to cover all the basic topics related with this type of strategic land communication infrastructure, its materials, structures, pathologies and recommended monitoring and maintenance activities.
  • Maritime structures working group – G3: in this case, its role is to cover all the potential threats and special care for all infrastructures that are in close contact with the marine environment.
  • Technologies of the industry working group – G4: this group deals with securing and protection of the common interests of ACRP members in the field of concrete structure repairs and reinforcement technology (especially in the field of technical information, development plans creation, coordination in the field of standardization, coordination in the field of the technical development, coordination of consulting services, etc.).

If you want to join any of this groups for sharing experiences with other professionals, please fill in the application form available at this link: