How COVID-19 is affecting events in the sector?


  •  COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous changes and cancellations in industry events.

It has been more than a year since COVID-19 appeared in our lives and changed them. And, although it is impossible to get used to a health emergency like this, there are situations and circumstances that have become a part of our daily lives.

One of them is, of course, social distance. Meetings have been reduced across the board, personally and professionally. And this has inevitably affected events in all sectors.

The European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and Protection (ACRP) has experienced it first-hand, with its first European conference, which was to be held in 2020 and has no official dates as yet. The same happened with its presentation, which was to take place in the framework of Colloque ‘Le Pont’, cancelled because of the situation.

The Symposium on REPAIR/REINFORCEMENT 2020 (SANACE 2020) also saw its dates changed. The event organized by the Concrete Structures Repair Association from Czech Republic (SSBK) was postponed until May 2021 and, for the time being, maintains its new dates.

The World of Concrete 2021 also had to change its dates. Initially, this fair was to take place in January, but it will finally be held in June. In the same month, the International Symposium Bridge Safety in Europe, organized by STRESS, is scheduled to be held in France.

In terms of cancellations, the GIC-EXPO, which was to be held in October 2020 in Italy, had to be cancelled due to the increased incidence in the country at that time. Its next edition will be held in October 2022.

With this, it is clear that the sector continues to work and look forward. But as long as the pandemic situation remains the same or similar, events will have to wait. We will do so. And we will meet again.