Only a few days to release the first ACRP publication


  • The association’s first publication will be launched in digital format.

ACRP is already approaching the final phase of its Special Publication 2021. The association only has to work out a few layout details, so that the first and only ACRP publication can finally see the light in December.

The first edition of this informative publication, has as its main objective to promote the association and give visibility to the initiatives that their members are carrying out.

The Special Publication 2021 is a sponsorable publication that will include informative and divulgative content. In this way, it will be accessible to all target audience, not only to the most specialized professionals in the sector.

As you’ve read, it has a digital format, and it will be completely free for direct ACRP members un registered users.

If you would like to know more of this publication, you can complete the information by clicking on the link below.