How the webinar on challenges for bridges in marine environment went




  • Find out how the last educational session organised by ACRP went.

The past session took place on Thursday, May 6th and was led by Mr. Paul Stavem, President of the Norwegian Association for Concrete Repair, NFB, and coordinator of the ACRP working group on Maritime Structures; and Mr. Roy Antonsen, representative of the NORWEGIAN PUBLIC ROADS ADMINISTRATION.

A high number of participants signed up for this webinar to learn more about the topic, turning the educational session into an attendance success.

In this webinar, both speakers, in addition to presenting ACRP’s working group on maritime structures, presented the situation of maritime structures in Norway and the main challenges that are facing Norwegian bridges in marine environment. In the final part of the session, all attendees who wished to ask questions or make comments were able to do so, generating an interesting debate with the speakers.

Participation in the webinars are completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance because the number of participants is limited (registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry).

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