The International Symposium SANACE 2021 has been cancelled


  • The current sanitary situation is the reason for the cancellation of the International Symposium SANACE 2021.

Although we are gradually returning to normality, thanks to advances in vaccination, the current health situation remains complex. For this reason, the Czech Concrete Structures Repair Association has decided to cancel its International Symposium SANACE 2021.

In its own words: “due to the ongoing pandemic situation that limits the possibilities for free travel and assembly, we have decided to cancel the date of the International Symposium SANACE in September 2021”.

In its statement, the association has assured that health is the most important thing and that, precisely with the aim of preserving it and not putting any of the attendees at risk, they have taken this complex and hard decision.

As for the event itself, they point out: “this year we wanted to bring you the latest developments in the field of concrete remediation as part of our international symposium. The prepared papers covered the whole range of the rehabilitation process, from preparatory work and diagnostics through the course and implementation of rehabilitation to new rehabilitation materials and progressive technological procedures. At the same time, we wanted to present the vision and objectives of the European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement and protection, ACRP, which we founded together with our colleagues in Europe”.

For now, there is no information about the possibility of holding a new edition of the event in 2022.